Levi Bahr Obituary, Levi Nolan Bahr Has Passed Away – Death

Levi Bahr Obituary, Levi Nolan Bahr Has Passed Away - Death

Levi Bahr Obituary, Death – Grandfather died peacefully yesterday morning. Longevity was his. I’m relieved. Heartbroken. First, I can’t adequately describe his impact on me, my family, friends, and everyone he met. I miss State Fair mornings for three weeks every year. 26. Believe it or not, I will miss setting my alarm at 2:50-3am to get a quick shower before grandpa was awake and ready to race out the door to the lunch box! Unless you’re ready, I’ll miss his stories.

I miss his morning “singing in the rain” and inappropriate jokes. I miss hiding from his “relationship” with high school basketball refs in the stands. I miss our annual state basketball tournament weekend getaway and grandpa’s loud snoring. I’ll miss army crawling around his bed to finally get revenge on his scar antics and realizing oh my gosh, that could have been bad. I miss his annual promise to give my friend Danielle and me a shiny convertible if he won the jackpot. Every fair reminded.

I’ll miss his 20-year-younger casino persona. (imagine the storybook grandfather smoking and eating at the buffet, not playing slots). strutted into the casino). My 21st birthday trip to Vegas, where he paid for almost 26 flights, hotel stays, and a Benihanas dinner for over 30 people, was unforgettable. I miss husband questions. Mat? Gone! He’ll be missed. Miss his floor-to-ceiling analysis. Knows. He monitored my business despite dementia. Wanted everything.

Lindsay come here…I love you” is missed. Grandpa was stubborn, old-fashioned, dignified, witty, and loved jokes. Brilliant entrepreneur who wanted to help many. Doer, dreamer. He laughed often. He demanded perfection.
Adored. All knew him. His handshake was extra-strong. He valued work ethic, discipline, and success. Poised. He embodied “you can do whatever you put your mind to.”

Grandpa shaped me. I’ll always appreciate Grandpa’s closeness and memories. I learned from him. Bond. We understood. Grandma said, “Gosh you are just like your Grabdfather…you always have a new idea and are pursuing the next big dream.” He taught responsibility, hard work, and success. He’s appreciated. I’ll miss him.

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