Larry Jiles Jr. Obituary, aka Chef Hot Hands shot and killed in city’s Frogtown

Larry Jiles Jr. Obituary, aka Chef Hot Hands shot and killed in city’s Frogtown

 Larry Jiles Jr. aka Chef Hot Hands Obituary, Death – In the 500 block of Dale Street North, at least three people have been shot, and there are rumors that two of the victims have died as a result of their wounds. The Saint Paul Police have arrived at the incident’s scene. As of right now, there is no way to know what is happening to the other victims, and no suspects have been taken into custody.

At around 5:15 p.m., the police were called to the area to look into the allegations of a “big quarrel” and a person who had been shot. The law enforcement authorities at the scene discovered at least one person who had been shot, and they were giving them CPR. Many further casualties were driven in private vehicles to the hospital where they were receiving care. According to witnesses, the suspect is believed to have arrived at the scene in a white Kia Soul. A 40-year-old black man with a stocky build who was last seen sporting a black ski mask and a black jacket has been described as the suspect by the authorities.

The suspect was last spotted wearing a black jacket, they also reported. Early radio reports suggest that a brown SUV’s occupants may have also fired guns at the action. Communications suggest that this might have happened. At least one person was hurt as a consequence of the bullets, and at least one building and one vehicle were also damaged. One of the victims is said to have passed away at the scene of the collision, while another is thought to have passed away when they were being transported to the hospital from the collision site. Although the Saint Paul police have not yet confirmed any additional details about the incident, it appears that at least five persons were shot.

It appears that at least five persons were shot at this time. It is believed that the incident occurred at the Kings Crossing apartment complex, which is located at 500 Dale St. N., either after or during a gathering that was thrown for a funeral. This event is not thought to be connected to the shooting that happened on Friday night on the city’s West Side during a memorial service. That incident resulted in the injuries of three teenagers.


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