Kyle Webb Obituary, Paintsville Lake drowning Victim Identified

Kyle Webb Obituary, Paintsville Lake drowning victim identified

Kyle Webb Obituary, Death- A man from Johnson County who was visiting Paintsville Lake to take part in the perilous activity of cliff jumping tragically lost his life as a result of an incident that took place at the lake. The circumstances surrounding the man’s death are unknown. According to the information that was provided to Mountain Top News by the Johnson County Coroner, J.R. Frisby, it was discovered that Kyle Webb, who was from Thelma and was 23 years old, had passed away.

This information was provided to Mountain Top News by the Johnson County Coroner. On the Sunday before he passed away, Webb went to the lake, and he was there when he passed away.According to the reports, just before the incident that took place on Sunday afternoon, Webb was reportedly taking part in cliff diving into the water at the time in question. This is indicated by the fact that the incident took place. His lifeless body was discovered on Sunday evening, just a few minutes before 9 o’clock in the evening.

The authorities are currently conducting additional investigations into the circumstances surrounding the passing of the deceased person in order to gain a deeper understanding of what took place. After the body of Webb was found, it was taken to Frankfort so that it could be examined by a pathologist as soon as possible. There will be a focus on that location during the investigation.

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