Kimmi Nelson Obituary, Kimmi Nelson Has Passed Away – Death

Kimmi Nelson Obituary, Kimmi Nelson Has Passed Away - Death

Kimmi Nelson Death, Obituary – Kimmi Jo Nelson, who had been born in Fort Madison, Wisconsin, had reached the age of 24 when she passed away on February 11th, 2023 in Burlington, Vermont, which was the place of her passing away. The day of her passing, February 11th, 2023, was also the date of her birthday. Her birth took place on August 6, 1998, at Fort Madison, and it was there that her parents, Joseph Nelson and Amanda Sholl Nelson, greeted their newborn daughter and welcomed her into the world.

They are her parents, and their names are Joseph Nelson and Amanda Sholl Nelson. Her middle name is Nelson. Kimmi poured a great deal of fire and excitement into all of the artistic endeavors that she pursued, but coloring and sketching were particularly dear to her heart. She had a personality that was lively and vivacious, and she was always going out of her way to make sure that the people around her were happy. She made it a point to prioritize the happiness of others over her own every time.

Several members of her family, including her son Jophiah Snigowski, her brother Jaden Nelson, her sister Kara Nelson, and her maternal grandfather Michael Sholl, who all live in the city of Fort Madison, were able to survive her passing. These family members include Jophiah Snigowski, her son; Jaden Nelson, her brother; Kara Nelson, her sister; and Michael Sholl. When she died away, each of these individuals was there to see it.

parents, Joseph and Amanda Nelson, were also able to make it through the tragedy of the loss of their daughter. In addition, there is a sizeable population of living first cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews present among the living members of the family. Before she was born, both of her grandmothers had already died away; she had one grandma on each side of her family.

On her granddaughter’s mother’s side, her grandmother’s name was Donna Sue Sholl, and on her granddaughter’s father’s side, her grandmother’s name was Sharon Rigg. Her name was also Sharon Rigg.

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