Kendall Raines Obituary, Philadelphia PA Hopkins Royals Girls Basketball Player Has Died – Death

Kendall Raines Obituary, Philadelphia PA Hopkins Royals Girls Basketball Player Has Died - Death

Kendall Raines Obituary, Death – We are unable to find any solace in the fact that the news regarding the Kendall Raines class of 2013 has been made public because a brilliant and dazzling star has been taken from our midst. Someone who was not only an exceptional and wonderful team member but also someone who brought a positive energy into every space they entered is someone who deserves recognition.

Kelly Raines is no longer going to be an important figure in your lives in any way, shape, or form at any point in the foreseeable future. During this trying time, we want you to know that you and the members of your family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers. The heartbreaking news that Kendall had passed away was shared with our family yesterday, and as a result, we are all in a state of disbelief at this time.

Everything was thrown completely out of order for us. Kendall was not only one of the most physically powerful and physically beautiful people I’ve ever seen, but she was also one of the most obstinate, outgoing, and unapologetically herself individuals I’ve ever come across. I will never forget her. I pray that the Lord has bestowed upon you, Kendall, the love, rest, and everlasting peace that he had intended for you to share with your mother and grandfather.

I know that this is what you prayed for, and I pray that the Lord has answered your prayer. I am aware that this is the answer to your prayers. I really hope that you were able to track all of these things down without any problems. It turned out that this was the very last photo that the four of us took together before Kirsten and I moved to Philadelphia a few years ago. It was a bittersweet moment when we realized that we would never see each other again.

The photograph was taken not long before we went our separate ways. One of my most treasured photographs is the one that was taken of Kendall, Kirsten Raines, and myself posing together. I count this as one of my most treasured possessions. Whenever I turn my attention in that direction, I am immediately overcome with an extreme feeling of contentment.

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