Ken Schmidt Obituary, Traverse city, MI, has passed away – Death

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Ken Schmidt Obituary, Death – Ken Schmidt, who was born in the city of Calgary and lived his entire life in the province of Alberta in Canada, passed away on Thursday at the age of sixty-four. He had spent his entire life in the province of Alberta. It was in the city of Kindersley, which is found in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada, that Ken made his debut into the world. Ken was the sixth child to be born to Tommy and Mary.

Evie Schmidt, a local resident, was one of the people who toiled away at the land in the Smiley neighborhood for a significant amount of time. As he made his entrance into the world seven minutes after his twin brother Kevin, he was the second of a set of identical twins to do so. Ken often asserted that he and his wife had spent their entire lives being “wombmates” to one another and that this had been the case for the entirety of their relationship.

Ken was one of nine children, and he spent his childhood on the farm that he and his family owned up until 1970, when it was sold as a result of the passing of Ken’s father, Tommy. Ken was born on the farm, and he spent his childhood there. Ken was raised on the farm, where he was also born and spent his childhood. Ken was the name of the boy who was the youngest of the nine children.

Evelyn uprooted her family and moved them to the city of Kindersley, which is situated in the province of Saskatchewan, so that she could advance her career as a teacher. She packed up her four younger children and moved out of the house with them in tow. In the year 1972, his mother tied the knot with Fr. Brian Woodrow, who was a single man and serving as an Anglican minister at the time of their engagement. This year is significant because it marks the year that his mother married him. This marriage is the reason this year is significant.

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