Keith Ledsome Obituary, Wellington FL Car Accident – Death

Keith Ledsome Obituary, Wellington FL Car Accident - Death

Keith Ledsome Obituary, Death – After a tragic incident at Wellington FL, Car Accident, Keith Ledsome, age 83, of Scott Depot, West Virginia, passed away on Tuesday, February 11, 2019, at the Hubbard Hospice House in Charleston. He was able to go home to be with his Lord. His parents, Dewey G. and Gatha B. Crihfield Ledsome, as well as his sister Wanda Lee Short Ward, passed away before he did. He will be remembered by many people for all time as a devoted husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, and friend. His legacy will live on forever.

On January 10, 1936, he was born in Plus, West Virginia, which is now known as Rand. He attended DuPont High School and graduated in 1953. After starting off as a bagger, Keith worked his way up through the ranks at the A&P Supermarket located on Broad Street in Charleston, South Carolina, to become a meat cutter. Up until 1964, he was employed at the shop. It was in April of 1964 when he started working as a salesman for Elk Grocery Company in Charleston. Because of his excellent work ethic, his commitment, and his tenacity, he was able to rise through the ranks of Elk Grocery Company and become Sales Manager, Vice President, and President.

The day he had to tell his work family in December 1986 that the Board of Directors had decided to merge with Standard Food, which is now known as U S Foodservice and was his competition, was the most difficult day of his life. Most of the employees would be out of work as a result of the merger. His heart was shattered in every sense of the word. He made a commitment to work with Standard Food Service of Hurricane for a transition period lasting two years.

He once more exhibited exceptional performance in the office, and as a result, he was invited to continue working there. Up to the time he took his retirement in December of 2000, he worked as a Buyer, Director of Purchasing, and Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing. After he retired, he continued to work in sales on a part-time basis and formed Norbert’s Enterprises. His company offered personalized promotional and gift products to local companies, and he was an active member of the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce.

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