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June Rollins Death, Obituary – On February 15, 2023, June Rials Rollins, who resided in La Center, Kentucky, passed away at the Mercy-Health Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, which is located in the state of Kentucky. June was a local of the La Center neighborhood. On June 1st, 1939, she was brought into this world by her parents, Charles Rials and Addie Rials. She was their first child. The first of June is her birthday.

Her previous employment history includes time spent at both Deena Products in Wickliffe and Teleservice in Kevil, both of which are based in Kevil. Both of these businesses are located in Kevil. She derived a great deal of fulfillment from tending to her garden and the flowers that it contained. Her devotion within the Christian community was directed toward the Baptists. She had a dog named Muffin that she maintained as a pet, and she devoted a lot of her time and attention to him.

There is at least one sibling who has survived, and her name is Mary Alice Seehasen. She lives in Jefferson City, Missouri, and she has a number of nieces and nephews who have also survived. Her parents and four siblings, Josie Lee, Ruth, John, and Jane, all predeceased her, as did her husband, Maurice “Gene” Rollins. She was the last survivor of her immediate family. Her mother and father had both passed away. Moreover, she did not outlive her hubby, who passed away before her.

The Reverend Jack Russell will preside over the services that are held at the cemetery on February 18, 2023 at 10:00 in the morning at the Wickliffe City Cemetery. The services are scheduled to be held in memory of the deceased. The Wickliffe City Cemetery is going to be the location of these events and ceremonies. The Lindsey Funeral Home in Paducah is currently in charge of making the required arrangements for the funeral service.

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