Judy Smith Obituary, Judy Smith Has Passed Away – Death

Judy Smith Obituary

Judy Smith Obituary Death – An earlier this week, Judy Smith, the wife of Roger Smith, a former director of Eaglecrest, and the mother of Duane Smith, who was also a former employee of Eaglecrest, passed away. Duane Smith is also the son of Duane Smith, who was also a former employee of Eaglecrest.

Judy Smith was also the mother of Duane Smith. In addition, Duane Smith has worked for Eaglecrest in the past during a brief period of time. Earlier this week. At one point in his life, Duane Smith worked at Eaglecrest, which was a significant part of his tale. We are deeply sorry to inform you of Judy Smith’s loss; she was a lovely lady.

Judy will be much missed. Because of the circumstances, we have no choice but to proceed in this manner, despite our profound sadness at having to do so. The family has asked that you continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this trying time. Please keep in mind that they have requested this.

The following is a summary of the plan that will be carried out in order to make the appropriate preparations: Visitation will be held at the YNTEMA funeral home on the afternoon of Sunday, February 12th, from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM, and everyone who desires to pay their condolences is welcome to come pay their respects.

In the Bentheim Reformed Church on Monday, February 13th, between the hours of 10:00 and 10:45 AM, there will be a brief visiting for those who wish to pay their respects. The beginning of the event will take place at eleven o’clock in the morning. In the immediate aftermath of that, at eleven in the morning, there will be a memorial service held in honour of the individual who passed away in recent times.

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