Joshua Wiley Obituary, Man killed in Foxfield Road shooting incident

Joshua Wiley Obituary,Man killed in Foxfield Road shooting incident

Joshua Wiley Obituary,Death- The victim of a shooting that took place on Foxfield Road late on Saturday night has been identified by the Hopkinsville police, who have stated that the investigation into the incident is still in progress. The shooting took place on Saturday night. The shooting occurred in the late hours of the evening. Joshua Wiley, a resident of the home where the incident took place, has been identified as the person who tragically passed away, as stated by Scott Daniel, the coroner for Christian County.

Wiley had already reached the age of 46 by the time the incident occurred. According to the statements made by the Hopkinsville police, an altercation that took place between Wiley and a member of his family just before midnight inside of a home that was located in the 500 block of Foxfield resulted in Wiley being shot with a handgun. The home in question was located in the 500 block of Foxfield. The address in question was in the 500 block of Foxfield, and it was the home in question.

Within the vicinity of the Foxfield 500 block was the location of the residence in question. Wiley was unable to recover from his injuries and passed away shortly after arriving at the Jennie Stuart Medical Center after being transported there. He had been taken there for medical treatment. Despite the fact that the police in Hopkinsville are still looking into the incident, the shooter has not been taken into custody despite the fact that they are still looking into the matter. The police are still investigating whether or not the shooter acted in self-defense when they fired their weapon.

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