Josh Pain Obituary, Josh Pain has Died – Death

Josh Pain Obituary, Josh Pain has Died - Death

Josh Pain Obituary, Death – Josh Pain, a wonderful friend of ours and a coworker, passed away in an unexpected manner on February 14th, a Tuesday. This information is being conveyed to you with the utmost sense of remorse on our part. Because of the fondness that the employees and customers shared for Josh, everyone will miss him very dearly. This includes the personnel as well as the customers. Josh was honored for providing exceptional service to customers in 2018, and as a result, he was presented with the Paul Murphy Mighty Helpful Service Award as a token of appreciation for his efforts. He maintained his high level of customer satisfaction right up until the point where his illness prevented him from continuing to work.

Josh, Gemma, and Eli have been so amazed by the generosity and financial aid was given by the community, and it has helped Josh in the last few weeks to know that so many people cared and offered their support. The community has also been quite generous in providing food and clothing to the family. The community has offered both psychological and monetary assistance in this time of need.

During this difficult time, Gemma and Eli would want to express their gratitude to everyone for their kind thoughts, messages of support, and donations of money. During this challenging time, we have full faith that the community will continue to exhibit unwavering support for Gemma and Eli. The information regarding the funeral services for Josh will be released on this page within the next few moments.

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