Jordan Conchilla Obituary, Uniontown, PA, Jordan Conchilla has died – Death

Christopher Byrnes Obituary, Rocky Point, New York, has passed away - Death

Jordan Conchilla Obituary, Death – The loss of a young child is a tragedy that will leave an impression that will never be erased. When we wrote the song “Precious Child” in memory of my late nephew Paul and sister Bonnie, I had no idea that it would provide solace to so many other families who had suffered the loss of a child. we wrote the song in honor of my late nephew Paul and sister Bonnie.

In honor of my sister Bonnie and my nephew Paul, we wrote the song and dedicated it to their memory. The song was written as a way to honor them in particular. – Karen Taylor Stowe Dailey is responsible for the production of a video of very high quality. Please go to the following website if you would like to get a free download of the song that was written in honor of your precious child: The song “Precious Child” was written by Karen Taylor Good.

and she was also responsible for the music that accompanied it. In the most terrifying of my nightmares, you are present in full and are unharmed; however, you are still alive. You Are So Valuable, My Sweet Child, you are as clear as day, and we can make out every detail of your body. we can see every pore and hair on your body.  There is a void in my spirit that will never be filled.

but there is hope because you are still here with me because you are always with me. Although the void in my spirit will never be filled, it does not mean that there is no hope. There is still reason for optimism despite the fact that the void in my spirit will never be filled because you are still here with me.

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