Joe McGarrity Obituary, Joe McGarrity Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Joe McGarrity Obituary, Joe McGarrity Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Joe McGarrity Death, Obituary – Joe McGarrity was a member of a family that has given our Club and Parish a significant amount of support over the course of a number of years. This support has taken the form of financial contributions. As a direct consequence of this, our Club is astounded and distressed to learn of his unanticipated and premature passing. Our deepest sympathies go out to Joe’s family, as well as to all of his many friends and the people he worked with throughout his life.

At the Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon on Sunday, members of a number of Irish organizations based in the Delaware Valley got together to commemorate the failed Rebellion that ended up being successful in the long run. The group marched to the gravesite of Joseph McGarrity, a prominent figure in Clan na Gael who was born in Philadelphia but raised in County Tyrone.

McGarrity was born in Philadelphia, but he spent his childhood in County Tyrone. The procession that was held to visit McGarrity’s grave was led by members of the Philadelphia Emerald Society Pipe Band and the 69th Pennsylvania Volunteers. They did so by reiterating what had been stated in the Easter proclamation, namely that “the people of Ireland have the right to the ownership of Ireland.”

Republicans have a special and significant fondness for McGarrity that sets them apart from other political parties. The businessman, who had accomplished a great deal of success in the past, took part in activities that assisted in arming the forces that were arrayed in opposition to Great Britain. He was the publisher of a newspaper known as the Irish Press, which was a publication that adhered to republican ideals to the letter. He was considered a friend by Eamon de Valera, the leader of Ireland at the time (with whom he later parted company). His dedication to the armed struggle for independence and unity remained rock solid throughout his entire life.

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