Jim McKeon Obituary, Jim McKeon Has Passed Away – Death

Jim McKeon Obituary

Jim McKeon Obituary Death – Beloved Bemidji Lumberjacks Yesterday, football coach Jim McKeon departed away in a horrific accident, and everyone who knew him is profoundly crushed by the news.

You will be astounded, when you scroll through social media and read tributes to him, by the sheer number of individuals whose lives he improved by his life and the things he did. Coach McKeon was a larger-than-life character in the Bemidji sports community, providing unflinching support for both his athletes and their families.

Before each and every game, he was spotted offering the players some words of encouragement just before they rushed out onto the field. It is impossible to think of that picture of the enormous inflatable Jacks helmet without picturing Coach McKeon standing in front of it, talking to the squad, and giving his all for one more boost of motivation.

Coach was famous for many reasons, but perhaps most notably for his habit of donning shorts regardless of the weather, with the exception of extremely hot and cold conditions. You have probably seen the meme that circulates each winter with a photo of a football game played in heavy snow at St. Cloud State University, a picture of Coach wearing long trousers, and text that states “St. Cloud State University.

” “How chilly is it outside? The pants are too short for McKeon “. credit Kari Knudson. This was the match in which they prevailed over Cambridge Isanti to go to the state tournament and compete in the bank in 2018.

He will be much missed, and the impact of his absence will be felt by a very large number of people. Above all things, Jim will be remembered as a fantastic son, a loving husband to Hayley, and a particularly dedicated father to his children Ruby, Gianna, and Rocco.

He will also be remembered as a beautiful husband to Hayley. While they are going through this extremely challenging and upsetting time, please remember his family in your thoughts and prayers. Jim is currently with the cherished daughter he raised, G. Pearl.

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