Jim Hartley Obituary, School Administrator At Harwich Has Died – Death

Jim Hartley Obituary, School Administrator At Harwich Has Died - Death

Jim Hartley Obituary, Death – James (Jim) Bonnel Hartley, who was 80 years old, passed away peacefully on Sunday morning at Cape Cod Hospital. He had been a patient there for a number of years. Jim’s formative years were spent in Springfield, as well as on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, before he enrolled at Tabor High School.

Jim also attended elementary school in Springfield. Rollins College was where he started his academic career, where he also earned his bachelor’s degree, and where he later went on to acquire his master’s degree. Jim eventually settled down in Sandwich, and after spending some time there, he relocated to Harwich, where he remained for the remainder of his life and spent his career as a school administrator.

Because of his success, James was able to make Harwich his permanent home. He was a frequent face at the Cape Cod Fish and Game Association, where he donated his time with underprivileged children and assisted with the operation of the trap shooting range. James looked forward to his time spent outdoors fishing and hunting. In addition to being an enthusiastic adventurer, he was known for his talent as a storyteller and earned a good reputation for it.

His favorite pastime was to regale others with stories of his exploits, which could include anything from kayaking to Nantucket to climbing Mount Washington to going scuba diving or riding his motorcycle “cross country.” His stories were always exciting to listen to, and he never failed to entertain. Everyone who knew Jim was aware that he found his excitement in being outside and pushing the boundaries of his ability, despite the fact that he may have exaggerated some of the facts that he related.

In his later years, he found that he was increasingly drawn to the practice of meditation. Jim had a close-knit family, but he also placed a high value on the connections he established with people who shared his enthusiasm for motorcycling and the outdoors, in addition to the friendships he developed through his different online forums.

With Jim’s departure, the only members of his family who will continue on are his daughter Katherine Weiss and her husband Matt of Cold Spring Harbor, New York, as well as his son Benjamin Hartley and his wife Kate of Plymouth. Both of his parents had already passed away before he was born; his mother’s name was Phyllis Bonnel, and his brother’s name was Steven Hartley. The legacy that he leaves behind includes all of his grandchildren, including Matthew Jr., Jacob, Brinley, Sadie, and Emery.

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