Jean Beer Obituary, Manjimup Repertory Club, Jean Beer has died – Death

Jean Beer Obituary, Manjimup Repertory Club, Jean Beer has died - Death

Jean Beer Obituary, Death – The passing of Jean Beer, a life member of the Manjimup Repertory Club who was deeply respected and loved by all who knew her, was announced with great sadness by the club on February 24, 2023. Jean was well-liked and respected by everyone in our community.

Because of Jean’s unwavering commitment to the club over the course of the last four decades, a sizable number of its customers and members, both from the club’s history and its current day operations, have had the privilege of becoming acquainted with her. Although she was frequently seen performing on stage, she was also a dedicated member of the committee who worked tirelessly both in front of and behind the scenes.

When Jean was in the spotlight, one of her favorite things to do was pass the spotlight on to other people so that they could have their moment in the limelight. In spite of the fact that she had some difficulties with mobility, she was frequently seen climbing the ladder to the lighting box in order to sit next to her beloved Brian during the countless rehearsals and performances that took place.

Both Jean’s extraordinary memory and sharp intellect remained with her until the very end of her life. This was because Jean never stopped learning new things. She was an extremely helpful critic and advisor to other actors and directors due to her keen eye for detail, as well as her talent for understanding the nuances of characters and maintaining continuity.

She had a reputation for making delicious sandwiches, which were enjoyed by a large number of people involved in the production, including members of the cast, crew, and audience. Mrs. Beer, as many of the members respectfully referred to her, was revered as a wonderfully dignified lady who will be greatly missed and admired above all else.

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