Jason Gard Obituary, Jason Gard Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Jason Gard Obituary, Jason Gard Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Jason Gard Death, Obituary – The untimely demise of MAJ (AAC) Jason Gard brings to memory not just his function as our Commanding Officer but also his roles as a friend and a coworker. His life was cut short much too soon. We are forced to break the news to you about his departure despite the immense grief that we are experiencing and the strain that it is placing on our hearts.

We ask that you acknowledge our deepest condolences. MAJ (AAC) (AAC) Since he first became involved with the organization in 2013 in the capacity of an Adult Volunteer, Jason Gard has, to some extent, been a component of the AAC in its various guises. The AAC was the first organization in which he was involved.

His abilities in training development and problem solving have been essential to the success of a wide variety of Army Cadet Activities, and throughout this time he has been an active and committed member of the Army Cadet Corps. His strengths lie in the areas of training development and problem solving.
His personality, loyalty, companionship, sense of humor, and intelligence will live on in our minds forever; we will miss him more than we are able to express in words alone.

We won’t be able to adequately express how much we’re going to miss him with words. We will honor the family’s request for privacy during this challenging time, as we are aware that they are grieving the loss of a deeply cherished member of their family or circle of friends. The family has asked for privacy, and we will honor that request.

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