James Stuar Obituary, James Stuar Has Died – Death

James Stuar Obituary, James Stuar Has Died - Death

James Stuar Death, Obituary –  One month ago, a collision that took place in National City between a vehicle and a pedestrian resulted in the death of the pedestrian, who was later determined to be a 67-year-old man. The San Diego County Department of the Medical Examiner issued a press release on January 29 at approximately 5:48 p.m., stating that James Stuart, a resident of National City, was struck by a Honda sedan that was driving on East 11th Street.

The release stated that Stuart died as a result of his injuries. The Department of the Medical Examiner for San Diego County issued the press release that was discussed in this article. The medical personnel who responded to the scene confirmed that Stuart had passed away. Following the collision with Stuart, the driver came to a stop and immediately contacted the appropriate authorities for assistance.

Stuart was taken to Scripps Mercy Hospital by emergency medical services, but despite the best efforts of the medical staff there, he passed away there a few hours later despite their best efforts to revive him. Despite their best efforts, the hospital was unable to save Stuart’s life. At 9:01 p.m., a qualified medical practitioner announced that he had passed away, making the announcement an official one.

According to the findings of the office of the medical examiner, blunt force was the cause of multiple injuries that Stuart sustained, all of which contributed to his death. All of these injuries contributed to Stuart’s death. Another piece of information is that they assert that he passed away as the result of an accident.

According to the findings of the medical examiner, Stuart suffered from a number of additional conditions in addition to the ones listed above. Some of these conditions included hypertensive cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and an infection with COVID-19.

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