Jacob Gauthier Laval QC Child Care Car Accident, 2 kids died in daycare bus crash

Jacob Gauthier Laval QC Child Care Car Accident, 2 kids died in daycare bus crash

Jacob Gauthier Laval QC Child Care Car Accident – A memorial service was held on Friday morning in Laval, Quebec, to honor the two children who were killed on Wednesday when a city bus drove into their daycare. The altar of the church, which was lined with a mountain of stuffed animals and bouquets of flowers, was the location of the service. As members of the grief-stricken Sainte-Rose community filed into the Sainte-Rose-de-Lima catholic church, the atmosphere was solemn.

After a few days had passed since the accident, Mia Merolla decided to stop by and add some flowers to the makeshift memorial that had been growing in front of the church. Merolla said, “I feel extreme sadness for the parents,” and she meant it. “It is something that is taken for granted by everyone. You drop your children off at school or at a daycare facility, and you plan to collect them at the end of the workday.”

On Friday afternoon, authorities released the name of one of the people who had been killed in the accident. Jacob Gauthier is four and a half years old at this point. On the following Wednesday at 11 in the morning, his funeral will take place at the Sainte-Rose-de-Lima church. At this time, we do not have any information to reveal about the second victim. Candles were lit up inside of the church in memory of those who had been hurt and killed in the accident.

The pews were packed, but there was still standing room in the congregation’s final row. The celebrant of the mass, Father Michel Bouchard, paid tribute to the families who had been affected by the tragedy and stated that it had “tested us deeply.” He stated, “It is an enormous suffering, an anguish,” adding that the events that took place “must not extinguish our hope.” Bouchard revealed to CBC News that he will also be the one to perform the funeral rites for Jacob the following week, which is something that he described as being challenging.

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