Jack Clarke Obituary, Jack Clarke Has Sadly Passed Away At Age 90 – Death

Jack Clarke Obituary

Jack Clarke Death, Obituary – Our cherished father and hero, Jack Leland Clarke, passed away on February 5, 2023 in Zephyrhills, Florida. He was a hero to all of us. He was a heroic figure. Funeral services were held the following day, which was one day after he died away. He lived to be 90 years old and was born in Gorham, New York, which is still his hometown even though he has lived there all of his life. The beneficiary of Jack’s committed and loving connection during the course of their marriage was his wife of 66 years, Karen Clarke, who was also his best friend.

Their marriage lasted for 66 years. There have been 66 years of marriage between Jack and Karen. On August 15, 1932, Jack Clarke, the son of Arthur and Ruth Clarke, was born in Gorham, New York. Jack was named after his father. He was the first child they had together. The name Jack was chosen for him in honor of his paternal grandfather. He wed Karen Jensen on May 18, 1957, and the joyful pair went on to raise five beautiful children together. All five of their children are beautiful. On May 18, 1957, he wed Karen Jensen and the ceremony took place in Idaho.

During his lifetime, Jack was a caring and attentive patriarch who watched out for all of his descendants, including his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Jack was also a doting grandfather to all of his great-grandchildren. Jack led an eventful life that included serving in the military during the Korean War, farming, and working as a salesman of agricultural machinery and lawn mowers. All of these activities kept him quite busy. His life was jam-packed with exciting experiences. His life was packed with a wide variety of adventures and learning opportunities.

Jack is survived by his wife, Karen Clarke, as well as his children, Susan (Robert) Yarger, Sally (Craig) Logan, Marilyn (David) Boothe, and Lucinda Clarke. In addition, Jack is survived by his grandchildren, Lucinda Clarke, and Robert Yarger. In addition, Jack’s grandchildren Lucinda Clarke and Robert Yarger will carry on his legacy after he is gone. In addition, Lucinda Clarke and Robert Yarger, Jack’s grandkids, will continue on his legacy once he has passed away. Also, all of Jack’s grandchildren are still living and present among us now (Chuck Pennington).

The Clarke family includes David (Syliva) Clarke, who resides in Gorham, New York, as well as James Clarke, who resides in Buffalo, New York. Both David and James are named Clarke. There is a familial connection between David (Syliva) Clarke and James Clarke. She also has ten great grandchildren, eight grandchildren five girls and three boys and a number of nieces and nephews. Her great grandchildren outnumber her grandchildren five to three. The number of her grandchildren is only three, but she has five great-grandchildren. She also has five great-great-grandchildren.

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