Interstate 10 Tucson AZ Car Accident Today, Two Injured In Crash

Interstate 10 Tucson AZ Car Accident Today – On Wednesday, there was a collision on Interstate 10 in Tucson at Prince Road that involved two automobiles and resulted in the injury of two people. The incident occurred near Prince Road. The Arizona Department of Public Safety reports that a tractor-trailer and a sport utility vehicle were involved in the accident that occurred on the eastbound on-ramp (SUV). The Department of Public Safety does not have any fresh information to share about the victims.

The eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 between Alvernon Way and Irvington Road are temporarily closed as a result of an accident. An investigation into the fatal collision that included three cars, one of which was a commercial truck, is being conducted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Passing drivers will find that Valencia Road is currently functioning as a detour. Stay up to date on the most recent information by following News 4 Tucson.

The eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 have been closed near the Sarival Avenue exit about 20 miles west of downtown Phoenix due to an accident that occurred in that area. Traffic will be impacted one mile to the east of Loop 303 as a result of the closure. At the intersection at Estrella Parkway, motorists have the option of getting back on Interstate 10. Travelers headed to Tucson and other places in southern Arizona can exit Interstate 10 at State Route 85 southbound and continue driving until they reach Interstate 8 eastbound.

This exit is conveniently located in the middle of the state. After that, they could possibly get back on Interstate 10 somewhere close to Casa Grande. The eastern lanes of Interstate 10 will be closed for a significant amount of time beginning this morning; drivers should plan accordingly. The routes that head west will not be impacted by this at all.

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