Huleta Donshay Obituary, Huleta Donshay Has Passed Away – Death

Huleta Donshay Obituary

Huleta Donshay Obituary Death – The office of the Caddo Parish Coroner has made public the identify of a female victim who was shot late on February 9, 2023, in Queensborough, and who later passed away as a result of the injuries she sustained. The victim was found dead as a result of her injuries.

The victim’s injuries were fatal, and she passed tragically as a result. The deceased individual was a native of Shreveport as well as a lifelong resident of the city. Just before 11:45 p.m., a gunshot was heard inside a home located on the 2600 block of West College Street. Tragically, the woman who was wounded inside the home died as a result of her injuries.

Because the woman’s injuries were so severe, she passed away as a direct result of the incident in which she was involved. The individual who passed away has been recognized as the victim; her name was Huleta Donshay Hughes, and she was 37 years old when she passed away.

This information was provided by the coroner for Caddo Parish. In addition, the coroner reported that the reason for death could not be ascertained. Ms. Hughes, who was the ninth person to be murdered in Shreveport and Caddo Parish in 2023, was definitively identified through a comparison of her fingerprints, which led to the discovery that she was the victim.

This led to the arrest of the suspect who was responsible for her death. The person who was suspected of being responsible for her death was apprehended as a result of her identification. It was decided that the deceased person’s body needed to be cut open so that a pathologist could examine it.

The investigation into the person who passed away that was carried out by the Shreveport Police Department has not yet been successfully brought to a successful conclusion as of this moment. This is a developing story, and as more information becomes available to us, we will update it. Please check back for further developments.

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