Gray Burn Obituary, Gray Burn Has Passed Away At Age 83 – Death

Gray Burn Obituary

Gray Burn Death, Obituary – Gray Denton is the name that has been linked to the individual who is the subject of the investigation. She had reached the age of 83 when she passed away on February 3rd, a day that was brought about by the aftermath of a fire that Tranquilly had ignited. The fire was the direct cause of her passing away. Nora was formerly known by her maiden name, Fagan (Nee Fagan).

Wife of Bob, who was the focus of my unending affection for the entirety of my life but is no longer with us because she passed away. I miss her terribly because she is no longer here. She is the mother of Sean and Alan, who regard their grandmother in high esteem, and the grandmother of Lauren and Bradley, who look to her as a source of inspiration and a role model.

Sean and Alan consider their grandma to be one of the most influential people in their lives. On top of this, Sean and Alan hold a great level of regard for her as a person. In addition to this, she was a dedicated aunt to all of her nieces and nephews, who all had a special place in their hearts for her. Her nieces and nephews all had a special place in their hearts for her.

She was a wonderful sister to John and Doreen, both of whom cherished her, as did all of her nieces and nephews. John and Doreen loved her very deeply. Their aunt was held in extremely high esteem by the entire family, including her nieces and nephews. In addition to this, Doreen and John hold her to a high standard in the capacity of sister, and they are thankful that she is a part of their lives.

The loss of Nora, who was someone who was well-known and who held a special position in the hearts of a huge number of people, will be keenly felt by each and every one of those people because of the special place she held in their hearts. The funeral ceremony will be held at the West Road Crematorium on Tuesday, February 28, at 1:15 p.m.,

which is also the location of the cremation that will take place once the funeral service has come to a close. The crematorium, which has been chosen as the location for the get-together of friends, is going to serve as the setting for the activity that is going to take place at that location.

Flowers sent as expressions of sympathy are appreciated, but the family of the deceased person requests that you restrict their distribution to immediate family members only. Donations to St. Oswald’s Hospice will be gratefully received in place of flowers at the family’s request.

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