Graham Dunstan Obituary, Graham DunstanHas Sadly Passed Away – Death

Graham Dunstan Obituary, Graham DunstanHas Sadly Passed Away - Death

Graham Dunstan Death, Obituary – Graham Dunstan passed away recently, and the CHC is saddened to inform its members of his passing. We send our condolences to all of you. Graham was a loving and dedicated friend, relative, and family member to many people, including his wife, children, and grandchildren. Graham was a frequent presence at the ice hockey games, where he supported both his family and the CHC.

THE MEMBERS OF THE CHC, BOTH PRESENT AND IN THE PAST, WISH TO EXTEND OUR LOVE AND SINCERE CONDOLENCES TO Vicki, Renee, and Mitch, as well as to the whole Dunstan and Powell families. Graham Rest in peace, friend; you will be sorely missed. Additionally, he was the first individual to ever instruct others in the craft. It is largely agreed upon that he was the one who first thought of the style. An incredible group photograph was taken in the 1990s, featuring all of the dojo heads and aides from the Southern Cape region. RIP Andre van Vuuren sensei.

His paintings, which he creates as works of fine art, are excellent examples of oil drawing and pencil drawing, respectively. His portfolio of work includes portraits of such persons, in addition to studies of animals and the environment as topics itself. His portraits, whether he is painting a human or an animal, are invariably realistic, honest, and faithful to the subject’s personality.

This is the case regardless of the subject matter. It makes no difference what the topic at hand is because this is always the case. Instead of frequently mixing colors, he loves to paint very thin layers of color one on top of the other, which allows the colors to flow into and through each other as he works. He does not like to combine colors very often. Instead, he prefers to paint very thin layers of color.

This technique, despite being a time-consuming process, gives his artwork a breathtaking transparent three-dimensional look, which really sets it apart from other works. His artwork is easily recognizable not only because of this, but also because of the great light and shade contrasts and brilliant colors that he uses in it. His body of work also includes portraits of famous persons, such as Nelson Mandela, who was formerly the President of South Africa. Other examples of his work include portraits of famous people.

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