Gorgeous George Obituary, Gorgeous George Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Gorgeous George Death, Obituary – After a brief bout with illness, GORGEOUS George passed away on Wednesday, according to the information that was provided to me by his grandson. GORGEOUS George had a brief battle with illness. George was an absolutely GORGEOUS man in his prime. After hearing this information, I’m overcome with a sense of loss that’s nearly overwhelming.

The news of his passing will cause his family and friends a great deal of anguish because of the profound affection they held for him. an individual who is not only generous and charismatic, but also possesses a significant amount of talent. He was known as “Gorgeous George” and fought in court with others over who owned the rights to the name. He passed away at the age of 84 from bone cancer.

In the form of one of his exquisite handmade bird boxes, trugs, piano squirrel feeders, horseshoes, painted stones, hedgehog boxes, bat boxes, and so on, many of you will be able to keep a piece of him with you for the rest of your lives. Gorgeous George made his first appearance professionally in a wrestling match in 1936, and he continued to wrestle under that ring name for the next nearly 20 years of his career. There were at least six other wrestlers who competed under the name Gorgeous George at one point in time.

Gorgeous George was one of their ring names. The animosity directed toward Gorgeous George by pro wrestling fans was seen as a source of great entertainment by those fans. He entered the arena dressed in robes made of silk, satin, and ermine, and he spent the entire time dancing around in high heels. RIP George.

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