Gordon Graham Obituary, Drumderg Loyalists Flute Band mourns – Death

Gordon Graham Obituary, Death – Gordon Graham, a close friend of ours who had been ill for a very long time and had been fighting disease for a very long time, passed away last evening after a long and hard-fought struggle against his illness. Gordon and his wife Mary, who was also listening to the same band, were both avid followers of the group. They volunteered their time and worked carefully behind the scenes to provide logistical support for each and every one of our band’s events, such as the BBQ that was hosted in conjunction with our annual march, band dinners, parades, and band travels. Mary, much like Gordon, was a die-hard supporter of the band that they were now listening to.

Gordon went on tour with the band not only across the rest of the province but also to other sites farther afield, including our very first battlefield excursion to Belgium and France in 2015. He was a devout man who followed Christ and was easy to get along with, but in life, being a caring husband and father were the things that mattered most to him. He was an easy person to get along with. He was a gentle giant who made quite an impression.

During this terrible time, we want his wife Mary, his children Leanna and Robert, and the rest of his family circle to know that we are thinking about and praying for them. We also want to let them know that we are thinking about and praying for them. We ask that you please accept our deepest condolences. The celebration of his life was going to take place on Saturday in the community of Rathfriland, which is where he had spent the majority of his life and where his funeral was going to take place. His passing will leave a hole in all of our hearts, and we will never be the same. You can have peace of mind, Gordon Graham, with the knowledge that Jesus is holding you!

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