Flehm Velagic of Grand Rapids MI Car Accident, has passed away

Flehm Velagic Death, Obituary – A sudden illness took Fehim Velagic’s life suddenly on October 11, 2011, and he passed away in Ishpeming, Michigan, at the age of 58. Nick was a proud member of the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, where he served as a deputy for the duration of his 32-year career. He was born and raised in the city of Lisle, Illinois.

Nick was raised in Chicago despite the fact that he was born in Klagenfurt, Austria. Nick was a devoted family man who enjoyed spending time with his children, grandchildren, and nephew, engaging in roughhousing with them, and watching his nephew play sports like football and baseball. He also enjoyed engaging in roughhousing with them. The best times of his life were spent goofing off with his relatives at the dinner table, jetting off to see his cousins in Europe, and taking advantage of long weekends spent boating with his friends.

He filled his last days with the activities that brought him the most happiness: going boating with his friends and spending time with his family. Nick was the type of person who would help anyone in need, regardless of how well he knew the person he was helping or how well he knew the person in need. Nick was a generous and kind person. He had a unique gift for relating to children on their own level while at the same time having an unconditional affection for all children. He was a big kid at heart. During his spare time, he volunteered for a variety of organizations that offered assistance to young people. His focus was on mentoring programs.

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