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Felicia Wanna Obituary

Felicia Wanna Obituary Death – According to a statement that was issued by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, the findings of an investigation into the search for and death of a missing Ho-Chunk nation tribal member revealed that she died as a result of hypothermia, which was the conclusion drawn from the findings of the investigation.

The conclusions of the study were outlined in full in the announcement. Due to the presence of video security cameras, the Tomah authorities were able to determine that a lady who would subsequently be identified as Felicia Wanna exited the Walmart at approximately 7:20 p.m. on the evening of December 29, 2022.

The authorities are aware that there have been other sightings of her recorded, despite the fact that they have stated that this is the last documented sighting of her that there has been of her. At any point in time during the period that she was said to be seen, she did not have either her mobile phone or her vehicle in her possession at any point in time.

She did not have either of them with her when she got to La Crosse because, as the sheriff’s office claims, someone they knew transported them both there. As a result, she did not have either of them with her when she got there. On January 2, the woman’s relatives contacted the authorities, asking with them to check on the woman’s well-being after she had been reported missing the previous day.

Her body was found approximately a mile and a half away from the Tomah Walmart, which is where it was initially reported missing, after the authorities conducted a thorough search of the area where she was last seen on January 18. Hypothermia, which was brought on by prolonged exposure to the elements, was determined to be the primary contributor to her passing away by the findings of the inquiry that was carried out by the agency.

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