Evelyn Real Missing, Kirklevington Park Lexington KY, Help Find Missing Gril

Evelyn Real Missing, Kirklevington Park Lexington KY, Help Find Missing Gril

Evelyn Real Missing – Please. This child has not been seen by anyone in a very long time, and no one has heard anything about them either. No one knows what happened to them. There is no need for you to be concerned about whether or not we or anyone else who knows her adores her to the fullest possible degree because we do, and so does everyone else who knows her.

Everyone who is familiar with her feels nothing but warm feelings toward her. Concerning this matter, we would like to respectfully request that you take our reassurances to heart and act accordingly. On Sunday, February 5th, it was reported that Evelyn Real’s family had contacted the authorities to inform them that she had disappeared without a trace. This information was provided to them as part of a missing person report. It was approximately 5:03 p.m.

Eastern Standard Time when you were seen in Kirklevington Park for the last time, and it is currently unknown where you were located at that time. The time was displayed in accordance with the Eastern Standard Time zone. Her tresses were confined within a gray pre-wrap, and she was attired in a navy blue Bryan station hoodie, grey sweatpants, and a navy bag. Her hair was contained within the pre-wrap.

Her tresses were secured in place with a gray pre-wrap. A pre-wrap that was gray in color was placed over her head and secured it in place. In this particular style, her tresses were tucked behind her ears and secured in place with a headband. Her hair was held in place by the pre-wrap so that it could be pulled back into a ponytail at a later time. This was the intended purpose of the pre-wrap. Because of the effect that the pre-wrap had, her hair was pulled back and tucked behind her ears. This was a direct consequence of the use of the pre-wrap.

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