Emma Pattison Suicide – Epsom College Head, daughter and husband found dead

Emma Pattison Suicide – In a podcast that was released a few weeks before her family was discovered dead on school grounds, the first female head of the prestigious Epsom College said that her family had gone through a “lot of upheaval” in recent years. The deaths of Emma Pattison, age 45, her husband George, age 39, and their daughter Lettie, age seven, were found in their home soon after one in the morning yesterday after the police were contacted.

According to the statement made by the Surrey Police Department, the tragedy is thought to be a “isolated incident,” and there is “no third-party involvement.” The coroner has been informed of their passing’s at this time. Ms. Pattison stated in December, which was four months after she had taken on the role, that her family was going through some ‘really huge changes,’ some of which included obtaining new jobs, moving to a new house, and getting a new dog.

She said, “I’ve got a new job, my husband has got a new job, that wasn’t meant to happen but it did, and my daughter has started a new school so there’s been a lot of change for us as a family.” She also mentioned that her daughter had started attending a new school. “There’s been a lot of change for us as a family.” Ms. Pattison also discussed her outlook on life, stating that her goals were to “develop, learn, travel, and experience life to the fullest.”

Epsom was named the Independent School of the Year in 2022 and is notable for having alumni such as BBC broadcaster Jeremy Vine and BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Winchell among its alumni. The school charges boarders up to £42,000 per year. Today, the company published a statement in which it described the passing of Ms. Pattison as “shocked and devastating.”

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