Emily Willis Obituary New York, Emily Willis Has Died – Death

Emily Willis Obituary New York, Emily Willis Has Died - Death

Emily Willis Obituary, Death – Emily Willis, age 39, died away on Saturday, December 24, 2022, with her family by her side. She had lived a full life, filling the world around her with love, light, and happiness wherever she went before her passing. On June 9, 1983, Emily Willis was brought into the world by her parents, Douglas and Barbara Willis, who hail from Boston, Massachusetts. Libby, her closest friend and also her sister, joined her after another two years had passed. Emily received her high school diploma from Nashua High in the year 2002. Since that time, she has spent her days at Opportunity Networks with a large number of her friends and supporters.

Emily especially enjoyed watching sports, and her favorite team was the Boston Red Sox, and her favorite player was Big Papi. Her favorite family vacation spot was Disney World, and they also enjoyed going camping. Throughout her entire life, she was a contributing member of the Pilgrim Congregational Church. Her mother, Barbara Willis, her sister Libby, who is survived by her brother-in-law Michael Persons, and her niece Lucy are all left behind after her passing. She is also survived by her aunt Elizabeth Morgan, as well as her aunt Alice and her husband Bill LeBlanc, and her uncle Bill and his wife Samara Perry. Additionally, she is survived by a sizable number of cousins.

In addition to her biological family, Emily is survived by her “other” family, which consists of Innocent and Vestine Musonera and their children, Yancey, Dempsey, Reese, and Elsie, as well as her special friends and supporters, Anne and Tom O’Connor. Emily loved and resided with this “other” family for the past six years.

Emily was preceded in death by her mother, Jean Perry; her grandmother, Gladys Willis; and her aunts Patricia Lowe, Loretta Cummings, and Ruth Toscano, as well as her uncle, William Willis. Emily’s father, Douglas Willis, passed away while she was a child.

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