Emel Atici Obituary, Adana Turkey, Earthquake Killed Actress Emel Atici – Death

Emel Atici Obituary, Adana Turkey, Earthquake Killed Actress Emel Atici - Death

Emel Atici Obituary, Death – An excerpt from a conversation that took place between the actress Sibel Tacoglu and her co-star Emel Atici, both of whom participated in the same series, can be found below: In order to pay respect to the life of the person who had recently passed away and honor their memory, the words “may you rest in heaven…” were spoken aloud at the funeral service.

A statement that began with “may God have sympathy on you” came before the lines “our beloved comrade Emel Ac, may God have mercy on you.” THESE are the events that followed in the wake of the earthquake: The following statement, which was issued by Beykoz University and can be accessible here, may be found below. In addition, the statement was also published here. You can also view the statement by clicking on this link.

An excerpt from the official statement sent by the institution may be seen below: “We are extremely heartbroken by the loss of our university’s 2014-2015 Civil Air Transport Management degree graduate Hande Püryan Atici, as well as her mother, Emel Atici.” We are in total and absolute shock that our university’s Civil Air Transport Management degree graduate from the 2014-2015 academic year, Hande Püryan Atici, has been taken from us,

” Püryan’s family and friends have our most sincere condolences from everyone here at Beykoz University. We ask God to have mercy not just on our revered alumnus, but also on his cherished mother, and we ask that he hears our prayers. We pray that God would have compassion on both of them and forgive their sins. We beseech God to have mercy on both of them and to forgive the offenses that they have committed. We want the family and friends of Püryan to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time together with him. An announcement about it was posted on a number of different websites before it was made public. The notice itself was also distributed.

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