Edward Dietrich Obituary, Edward Dietrich Has Passed Away At Age 71 – Death

Edward Dietrich Obituary

Edward Dietrich Death, Obituary – She died away on Thursday, February 9, 2023 at the age of 71 in a peaceful environment, surrounded by the love of her family. The date and location of her passing were both February 9. There is no information available regarding the time or place of her passing. The time of her passing was three in the afternoon on the 9th of February, which was also the day she passed away.

Over the course of the past forty years, he has devoted his entire existence to shouldering the obligations that come with being Ellen Margaret’s spouse (formerly Carwardine). His son, Andrew Dietrich, is his most cherished asset, and he is a doting father to him. He has a lot of pride in him (Megan Grant). He is survived by a huge number of nieces and nephews as well as their separate families.

In addition, he is survived by a significant number of other relatives. He was a devoted brother to Maria Rigby (Paul), who is now simply referred to by her married name, Paul. The majority of Ed’s teaching career was spent at KCI, where he was employed in the Learning Services, physical education, and history departments, respectively.

As a classroom educator for the Waterloo Region District School Board, he racked up a total of thirty years of service over his career. The first time was as an offensive lineman when he was attending WLU; the second time was as a coach for the Raiders while he was attending KCI; and the third time was as a Ghost while he was working alongside Andrew at GCI.

All three of these experiences took place on the football field. Ed was very committed to preserving his physical health and took great pleasure in the time he spent at KCI working out among his friends and coworkers in order to accomplish this goal. Even after Andrew had left his position at the company, Ed continued to exercise with Andrew since he found it to be a lot of fun to work out with Andrew even after Andrew had retired.

Ed, who received his degree from Laurier University, exemplified what it meant to be a true Golden Hawk throughout the entirety of his life. He was a Golden Hawk through and through. He embodied everything that it meant to be a Golden Hawk.

Even if the cremation had been already, there will be a memorial ceremony or some other kind of celebration of the life of the person who died away at some point in the future, even though the body has already been cremated.

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