Dr. Alex Georges, a Love Island star, is hired as the next host of Classic FM.

Dr. Alex Georges, a Love Island star, is hired as the next host of Classic FM.

After landing a fantastic new job on Classic FM, Dr. Alex George claims that relaxing music always keeps him optimistic.

The 31-year-old ex-Love Island contestant will co-host Uplifting Classics for six weeks with Dr. Alex George.

It’s big news that Dr. Alex has announced that there will be a brand-new positivity series, and he is obviously eager to get started.

He is aware of the influence of music and attitude thanks to a difficult few years.

After a protracted battle with his mental health, his younger brother’s suicide in July 2020 left the former reality star heartbroken.

Dr. Alex has devoted countless hours to spreading awareness about suicide prevention since Llyr’s tragic death.

He claims that music has kept him upbeat, and he is eager to seize the opportunity with the first show premiering on Sunday night.

Alex urged viewers to tune in and declared: “I’m ecstatic to be joining Classic FM again for this exciting new series. I regularly listen to classical music, and I find that it has a very uplifting and uplifting effect on my mood and productivity.

“I am aware of how challenging January can be for many people, so it is an honor to be able to share some of the greatest Uplifting Classics each week and lift the spirits of Classic FM’s listeners.

I sincerely hope that over the next six weeks, I can share my love of classical music with others, offer advice on how to stay positive in difficult situations, and inspire the country in preparation for the year 2023.

This month, Dr. Alex described how he gave up alcohol weeks before Christmas.

He explained that he didn’t have a problem with alcohol before making the switch to a sober lifestyle last month, but that now that he had saved a four-figure sum by forgoing holiday drinking, he would prefer to spend his money on other things.

Alex, a government ambassador for mental health, thought back to when he probably drank once or twice a week and reflected on how alcohol is so ingrained in the UK’s drinking culture.

On BBC Breakfast, the GP extolled the virtues of his new sober way of life and revealed how much money he has saved since he stopped putting up with episodes of “hangover anxiety.”

For a quality beer in Manchester or London, it’s so expensive, and giving up before Christmas was wonderful, according to studies I’ve done, he added.

It’s so costly and I’d rather spend that money on other things, so I was checking last night and I guess I’ve saved £1,000 in the last month between cabs, the food you eat after, and the drink.


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