Dixie Ewing Obituary, Woodbury, MN, Dixie Ewing has died – Death

Dixie Ewing Obituary, Woodbury, MN, Dixie Ewing has died - Death

Dixie Ewing Obituary, Death – When the decedent died on February 9, 2023, they had reached the age of 77. They had previously lived in Woodbury, Minnesota. She was a wonderful mother, sister, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, and friend to all who knew her. She was also the grandmother of three generations of grandchildren. She also had grandchildren spanning three generations.

In addition, she had grandchildren from all three generations of her family. Everyone who had the honor of being able to call her a friend will miss her profoundly. Her death will leave a void in their hearts. Dixie was born on August 24, 1945, in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, in the state of Missouri, to Elbert Verner (E.V.) Richardson and Martha Jo (Moyer) Richardson. Her birth occurred in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dixie’s mother taught her the value of good manners and how to throw elegant parties, while Dixie’s father instilled in her a wry sense of humour and an endearing persona. Dixie’s father is to blame for instilling these characteristics in her. Dixie was a very devoted member of her family, had a strong interest in philanthropy, and was a very successful real estate agent over the course of a 45-year career. Her career began in the 1960s and lasted until the 2000s, when she retired.

Dixie died tragically in 2013. She had a lot of love for her family, but she also had a lot of love for her neighborhood and the happiness she felt when she helped others. She had a deep affection for all of these things. In contrast, her devotion to God took precedence over everything else in her life. Both of Dixie’s parents, as well as her husband of 46 years, Tom Ewing, whom she adored, had died prior to her death. Tom, Dixie’s husband for 46 years before his death, also passed away before Dixie.

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