Dilbag Hothi Suicide, Langley Bc, Surrey RCMP Officer, Dilbag Hothi Has Died – Death

Dilbag Hothi Suicide, Langley Bc, Surrey RCMP officer

Dilbag Hothi Suicide –  On Wednesday, an off-duty policeman with the Surrey Police Service took his own life at a shooting range in Langley, British Columbia. More information about the incident is starting to come to light. Among the witnesses were officers of the law. According to the Surrey Police Service, Dilbag “Dylan” Hothi, now 26 years old, previously worked as an officer for the Surrey RCMP and served in the military in the past.

According to the SPS Media Liaison Ian MacDonald, Hothi has been off-duty since August of last year and is currently suspended with pay while an inquiry into breach of trust is being conducted. According to MacDonald, “It was a breach of trust inquiry that was being led by the Surrey RCMP and was working its way through the British Columbia Prosecution Service.”

According to Ron MacDonald, who works for the Independent Investigations Office of British Columbia (IIO), the incident may have some connection to the criminal claims that have been made against Hothi. When police are involved in an incident in which their actions or inactions result in harm or death, the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) is called in to investigate.

According to what MacDonald said in an interview with Global News, “Those are the types of data we’re looking at and attempting to determine.” The breach of trust investigation that the Surrey RCMP is conducting into Hothi is being kept under wraps, and the force will not clarify whether or not he is about to be prosecuted. Additional court records pertaining to this case are under seal. Despite this, the RCMP in Langley did confirm on Wednesday that they were called to “The Range Langley” to assist a guy who was in danger.

According to reports from our sources… The military revolver that Hothi had been using was no longer in his possession. It is unknown whether he was in possession of a personal weapon. It is also unknown whether or not Officer Hothi has recently had a risk assessment to ascertain whether or not there are any issues regarding his mental health or safety. “We are aware that police were there at the scene in reaction to the incident in which the individual was involved, maybe prior to the occurrence of that incident; however, we do not know what kind of interaction, if any, took place between police and this individual.”

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