Diane Johnson Obituary, Former President in ECA has died – Death

Diane Johnson Obituary,

Diane Johnson Obituary, Death – Everyone at ECA is in a state of deep sadness due to Diane Johnson’s departure, which has been brought on by her passing. Di, as she is affectionately referred to by her fellow employees and friends, served as President of the ECA between the years 2010 and 2011. She enjoys the distinction of being the very first woman to ever be appointed to the position of President in the Association’s entire 109-year history.

Di was a significant ambassador for the electrical industry across a number of key topics, including fair wage, skills, training, diversity and inclusion, and the length of her career in the industry, which lasted more than 20 years. Di’s career spanned a wide range of positions and spanned the globe. In addition, she was an instrumental figure in the formation of The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP) in the year 2014, while it was still in its infant stages. Di started her her career working in the financial sector of the economy. After some time, she became an employee of Eric Johnson of Northwich Ltd., where she quickly rose through the ranks to become the company’s financial director. Di kept a close contact with the ECA during the entirety of that time period, and as a result, in 2004, she was promoted to the post of Regional Chair for the North West Region.

Alun Pearson, a former president of the ECA, remarked that “Di will be profoundly missed by everyone who knew her and had the opportunity of working with her.” Di was a member of the ECA. Her unflinching dedication to fostering better working conditions for independent contractors, enhancing their professional capabilities, and luring more women into the field proved to be a turning point that has had and will continue to have a beneficial influence to this day. She has also been successful in attracting more women into the field.

“The commitment that Di has shown to boosting and growing the sectors of our industry that are underrepresented will have an effect that is long-lasting and will continue to have an influence for a great deal of time to come.” Di played an essential part in the creation and launch of the Wired for Success program, which sought to address the dearth of women employed in the electrical contracting business and inspire more women to pursue professions in the sector. In order to prepare a large number of jobless women for entry-level careers in the electrical industry, the initiative provided them with access to a specialized training program that lasted for two years and lasted for a total of two years.

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