Devin McDonald Obituary, Police Identify Man Killed In Wyoming Shooting – Death

Devin McDonald Obituary, Police Identify Man Killed In Wyoming Shooting - Death

Devin McDonald Death, Obituary – After being shot outside of an apartment in Wyoming, the victim, identified as Devin McDonald, 30, was pronounced dead at the scene, as reported by the police. Officers from the Wyoming Police Department were dispatched to the Pinery Woods Apartments, which are situated in the 2200 block of Michael Avenue SW, on the afternoon of February 10 at approximately 1:15 p.m. in response to a report that shots had been fired in the area. They found McDonald dead when they arrived at the scene.

In addition, the police found that one woman had a gunshot wound that was not life-threatening and that another woman had been physically assaulted. Both of these women were found by the police to have been victims of the same incident. Despite the fact that the investigation has just begun, the police have a strong suspicion that a dispute between members of the same family was the impetus for the shooting.

A dispute that began inside of an apartment eventually moved to the courtyard located outside of the building where it is currently ongoing. After that, gunfire was heard in the area. After the shots had been fired, a man was seen running away from the apartment complex where they were located in order to get away from the scene. Officers from the Grand Rapids Police Department, the Wyoming State Police, and the Wyoming Department of Public Safety joined forces to begin looking for him, and not long afterward, they were successful in their search efforts.

State of Wyoming Police Department investigators have stated that they are still working to determine what role he played in the incident. They are still looking into the matter. When the incident occurred, there were also a number of people present inside the apartment, as stated by the statements made by the police. Officers are currently interrogating those individuals about their whereabouts and activities.

The officers also located a firearm during their search. Only one of the two women who were injured was taken to a hospital to be treated, while the other woman did not get medical attention.

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