Delia Vasquez Obituary, Delia Vasquez has Died – Death

Delia Vasquez Obituary, Delia Vasquez has Died - Death

Delia Vasquez Obituary, Death – Delia (Garcia) Vasquez, who resided in Lombard and was 95 years old when she passed away on February 11, 2023, was a resident of Lombard. She called the city of Lombard her home. Delia remained a devoted wife for the next 28 years of her marriage to Jose de Jesus Vasquez, even after her husband passed away. She was also the cherished mother of the late Linda (Eddie) Villareal, and the late Elisa (the late Jose Jr.) Mendiola, the late John Vasquez.

The late Ruben, Jose de Jesus, Jr. (Rebecca) Vasquez, Irene Pea, Louis (the late Dilia) Vasquez, and Rosa (Armando) Herrera. Linda (Eddie) Villareal was the mother of the late Elisa (the late Jose Jr.) Since then, she has been reunited with none of her children or grandchildren. Delia was the latest member of her family to pass away; she was the sixth of her siblings to do so before she did. She was the much-loved grandmother of twenty-six grandchildren, the great-grandmother of sixty-one grandchildren, and the great-great-grandmother of twenty-four grandchildren. In addition to being a treasured mother-in-law for Fina Acevelo, she was also a cherished aunt and relative to a large number of people.

Stitching on her sewing machine was Delia’s go-to activity whenever she needed a break from life. She had a lot of fun and found it to be a very enjoyable process to make wedding outfits. Aside from that, she enjoyed knitting cotillion costumes, blankets, and cushions in her leisure time when she had the opportunity. Going out and interacting with other people was something that brought Delia a lot of joy. People commonly referred to her as “the life of the party” as a result of the fact that she had a profound love for dancing and because of this, she was always dancing.

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