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David Westphal Obituary, Death – Mr. Westphal was born in Vandalia, Illinois on September 5th, 1950. His parents, Laurel M. Westphal and Cleo M. Williams, were his parents. His childhood was spent in the nearby town of Farina, which is also the place where he was brought up and educated. It was in 1970 when he was employed as an actor at the Little Theater in Sullivan Square, Illinois, that he was presented with an equity card for his participation in the chorus of the third season of “Little Me,” which was produced in the same year.

This was in recognition of the fact that the show was produced in that same year. This was done as a nod to the fact that the show’s production took place in that particular year. Mr. Westphal moved to New York very quickly, and it was in the Big Apple that he honed both his professional skills and his lifelong interest in singing in choirs. Mr. Westphal’s lifelong interest in singing in choirs began during his time in New York.

He has participated in dozens of productions, some of the most notable of which include the national tour of Applause, a production of Hello, Dolly! with Carol Channing, and a production of Cabaret with Jack Gilford. He has also been a part of numerous other productions. Throughout the course of his career, in addition to the work he has done as an artist, he has also held the positions of stage manager and choreographer at various times.

Mr. Westphal made his debut with the Eastern Actors’ Equity Choir in 1981, and ever since then, he has remained a member of the organization in the capacity of Eastern Actors’ Equity Choir Director. His first performance with the choir was in 1981. He has spent his entire time on the Electoral Procedures Committee acting in the capacity of member leader. This has been his primary responsibility.

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