Danny Aldington Obituary, Former Bedworth Councillor Dies After Collapsing on Football Pitch – Death

Danny Aldington Death, Obituary – The passing of a former councillor from Bedworth who passed away after collapsing on a football field is a tragic event that has taken place. It was reported that Danny Aldington had passed out on the field while playing for the Bedworth and District Walking Football Club at Coleshill over the weekend. The game was taking place on Saturday. This was an away game for both teams.

Unfortunately, he passed away in the hospital when he was 47 years old. The unexpected death of the resident of Bedworth has shocked not only the person’s friends and family, but it has also shocked the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council. In the past, he was a prominent Labour councillor, and when he was in charge of planning on the cabinet, he served as the cabinet member in charge of that portfolio.

The Poplar ward councillor, who was also a husband and a father of two children, had served in that capacity since 2014, but he was defeated in the election for the district in 2021. Tributes were paid to him during the meeting that took place last night in the council chamber of the Town Hall to determine Nuneaton’s annual budget. The meeting was held to set the budget for the upcoming year.

A moment of silence was observed in his honor as well as for the late Lewis Stevens, who had been a councillor and an MP for Nuneaton. Both men had served the town of Nuneaton in their respective capacities. Unfortunately, Lewis Stevens passed away exactly one month ago today. During the moment of silence, Councillor Jeff Clarke, the Mayor of Nuneaton and Bedworth, also paid tribute to those who had passed away as a result of the earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria. He spoke about the tragedy that had occurred in both countries.

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