Curry Gould Obituary, Curry Gould Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Curry Gould Obituary

Curry Gould Death, Obituary – Curry The passing of Vernie Gould, who resided in Amherst and was 91 years old, occurred not too long ago, and the Gould family has our deepest condolences. We would like to take this occasion to express our sympathy to the Gould family. At some point during the early morning hours of Sunday, February 5, 2023, Curry passed away at the Gables Lodge. His birthplace was Maccan, and his parents, Thomas and Ethel (Whalen) Gould, who had both previously passed away, were his parents.

He was the only child of the two. Competition was one of the qualities of all sports that Curry appreciated the most, but baseball, hockey, and golf in particular were some of his favorites to watch. He was a good baseball and hockey player when he was younger, and he was a member of a number of teams that went on to win championships. In his younger years, he played on a number of teams that went on to win championships. When each of these teams won their respective championships, he was a member of the team that took home the trophy.

In addition to serving as a coach for younger players in minor hockey, he also officiated games for the neighborhood broom ball association. When it came to sporting trivia, he was almost impossible to stump. He was quite knowledgeable. He was constantly several steps ahead of everyone else. He had an exceptional talent for narrating stories, and his memory was remarkable in terms of remembering specifics of what had happened. Another one of his many pursuits of interest was the equestrian sport of horse racing.

His wife and children, as well as the countless get-togethers of the extended family that took place over the course of his lifetime, inspired in him a great feeling of love that he carried with him throughout his entire life. He spent a significant portion of his career with Casey Concrete Ltd., where he held the position of employee. His daughters Paula, Carla, and Janice (Al), as well as his grandchildren Mark, Sarah, Shawn (Ashley), and Laura, and his great-granddaughter Iris, will miss him tremendously. His passing will also be deeply felt by his great-granddaughter Iris.

In addition, he is survived by Jodi (Anthony) Keenan of Salisbury, who was someone who was very significant to him. He is also survived by her children Shelby and Aubrie Keenan, in addition to a number of nieces and nephews. Jodi (Anthony) Keenan, a resident of Salisbury, was a person who held a significant amount of significance for him.

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