Craig Lefler Obituary, Omaha Nebraska, Craig Lefler has died – Death

Craig Lefler Obituary, Death – The day that their son, Craig Lefler, entered the world was August 15, 1930 in the community of Lowell, Nebraska. His parents were Howard J. Craig and Adrian Toole Craig. He was born and raised in Nebraska, where he also attended school until he moved to Cairo, where he finished his secondary education and received his high school diploma. He was the only child of his parents.

Throughout his time as a student in high school, Bill remained under his grandparents’ care and continued to reside with them. After completing his education, he moved to Helena, Montana, where he found work as a bellhop at the Placer Hotel. He stayed there until he started his own family. He remained there until the time of his retirement. After he had finished his service in the military, he spent his later years working at the Canyon Ferry Dam.

After moving to Washington state, he initially joined the National Guard and later joined the United States Navy, where he served during the Korean War. He initially joined the National Guard while he was living in Montana. After the war, he was given a discharge that was honorable. When he was finally allowed to leave the military after his service, not only did he walk away with a number of medals and citations.

but he also received an honorable discharge. In December of 1949, he uprooted his life and moved to Idaho Falls, where he got a job as a bellhop at the Bonneville Hotel. He had been living in Idaho Falls since then. Before he made this move, he had been jobless for a considerable amount of time.

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