Craig Hollis Obituary, Former Worker Of Countertops Of Memphis has died – Death

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Craig Hollis Obituary, Death – We regret to inform you of the death of Craig Hollis, a dear friend and colleague of ours. We must share this news with you with heavy hearts. We must share this information with you with a heavy heart at this time. Craig began working for Countertops of Memphis as a templater in 2020, after previously working for our previous company, Highland Systems, where he held the positions of production manager and CNC operator.

He had previously worked as a CNC operator for Countertops of Memphis. He had previously been employed by Highland Systems, where he had worked. He had excellent attention to detail, was well organized, and had a pleasant personality; all of these qualities are important in someone who interacts with customers and evaluates the majority of the work that is done. He had a pleasant personality, excellent attention to detail, and was well organized.

He had an approachable personality. He was meticulous in his attention to detail. He was well-organized, pleasant, and paid close attention to the smallest of details. He was also exceptionally skilled at paying attention to detail. He is survived by his son, Zack, who was the center of his life until the day he died. He lived until the day he died because of Zack. It would mean a lot to Zack and Craig’s family if you could say a prayer for them.

Please think about it. Please do that for me if you are able. During this difficult time, we will begin making plans to assist his family in any way we can… more information will be provided shortly. We will begin making plans to assist his family in any way we can during this difficult time. Craig, we want you to know that each and every one of us adores you. Please do not be skeptical.

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