Corey Harwood Obituary, Nelson Tigers Superstock Team Member has died – Death

Corey Harwood Obituary, Nelson Tigers Superstock Team Member has died - Death

Corey Harwood Death, Obituary – The members of Tigers Crew would like to extend our most sincere condolences to Corey Harwood’s family and friends on the tragic loss they have suffered as a result of his untimely passing. Unfortunately, Harwood, a member of our team, lost his battle with an unforeseen illness on Sunday and passed away. When Corey first started playing for the Tigers, he was just a young boy. He presented himself in a clean manner and carried himself with dignity. It was his responsibility to provide his cousins Carey and Shane with the necessary assistance and crewing for whatever it was that they required. Instantaneously, he was able to provide assistance wherever and whenever it was required, and in the process, he became friends with all of the other members of the team.

After a period of time, Jared Gray took note of how enthusiastic he was about his job, and as a result, he chose to make him a permanent member of his crew. Going to the Palmerston North Teams Champs was one of Corey’s favorite things to do, and the Nelson Tigers’ victory in that competition in 2010 is something he will never forget. Corey will also never forget the fact that the Nelson Tigers won. On Saturday, February 25, prior to the start of the race, the Nelson Speedway Association will be observing a moment of silence in the infield in his honor. This will take place on the day after his passing. They have extended an invitation to the families of all of the Tigers drivers, crew members, and management to join them in doing so, and they have received several responses accepting the invitation.

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