Conor Loughnane Obituary, Conor Loughnane Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Conor Loughnane Obituary, Conor Loughnane Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Conor Loughnane Death, Obituary – Conor Loughnane, Ger Loughnane’s youngest son, lost tragically unexpectedly. The decade of the 1990s is one that many of us in Clare remember fondly for one reason and one man: that man was Ger Loughnane, and the reason was his great hurling team. Ger gave us so so much: he gave us wild summers of fun, he gave many of us belief that against any odds we could succeed, and most importantly, he gave us a great sense of pride in our County.

Conor Loughnane, in particular, stood out with his flowing locks and his cherub features, but he was a demon to deliver an instruction to a player. Many images will remain vivid for us from the great 90s, but one that sticks out in our heads today is the sight of Ger Loughnane’s two sons Barry and Conor flying across pitches delivering water bottles and instructions to players and foe.

Today, many of Conor’s many friends have been offering great condolences for him on social media and other venues, and it is quite evident that there is a massive sense of grief and sadness at his departure. Conor was loved, Conor will be missed, and to all those who knew and loved him, we extend our heartfelt sympathies at this awful, horrible time.

Unfortunately, life has been difficult for Conor in recent years. Conor was loved. Conor will be missed. The people of Clare are standing with Ger and his family during this difficult time. Conor, may you rest in peace knowing that you will always be missed and cherished. To each and every one, thank you Keep in mind that conversing is beneficial.

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