Christine Smart Obituary, Christine Smart Has Passed Away At Age 77 – Death

Christine Smart Obituary, Christine Smart Has Passed Away At Age 77 - Death

Christine Smart Death, Obituary – Christine, who had lived a long and productive life, passed away on January 19, 2019, at the age of 77, in the comfort of her own home in Badsworth. She had been a resident of Badsworth for many years. A cherished mother who was in charge of Debra’s upbringing and an exceptional mother-in-law who was in charge of Steve’s upbringing both contributed to the family.

Everyone who had the privilege of calling her a friend will feel a profound sense of loss upon learning of her passing. On Friday, February 10, at 9:40 in the morning, the memorial service for Christine will be held at the Pontefract Crematorium. Christine passed away on February 3. The death of Christine occurred on February 10th. Not long after she has been moved from her house, the hearse will stop in front of the Debonhair Salon in Pontefract as a sign of respect.

This will take place not long after she has been moved. This will take place not too much longer after the beginning of the funeral service. We are estimating that this will occur somewhere around 9:25 in the morning, but the precise time will be determined by how crowded the roads are at that moment. At this time, flowers should only be sent to the immediate family.

In lieu of sending flowers, the family requests that donations be made to either the Macmillan Cancer Support or the Marie Curie Cancer Care organizations. Both of these organizations provide care and support to people who have cancer. People will be able to place their contributions in a donation box that will be made available to them after the conclusion of the service.

A reception will be held immediately after the memorial service at the Kings Croft Hotel, and anyone who knew Christine and would like to attend is invited. The reception will take place after the service. During this challenging time, we ask that you show the people around you as much kindness as you are able to muster and that you make Christine’s loved ones aware of your affection for her and support for her in any way that you can.

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