Christine Carter Obituary, Christine Carter Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Christine Carter Obituary, Christine Carter Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Christine Carter Death, Obituary – We are in a state of profound mourning due to the loss of Christine Carter, a dear friend and coworker of ours who passed away recently. Homebuyer Services Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati has been Christine’s role with the organization since she started working there in 2016. During her time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity,

Christine was able to make a difference in the lives of more than 125 different homebuyer families and individuals. She accomplished this by walking alongside these families as they worked toward their goal of purchasing a home. She will be remembered for the brilliant light that she shone into the world, her profound faith, and the role that she played as a champion and advocate for those in her immediate environment.

In addition to extending our deepest condolences to Christine’s family, we would like to take this opportunity to thank her for the many ways in which she supported our mission throughout her life. Christine was a warm and giving individual who devoted her life to looking out for the needs of others and helping them. She worked at Ujima Recovery Service for a total of 28 years in a variety of capacities before going on to earn a bachelor’s degree from the University of California,

Berkeley and eventually becoming an assistant director for the organization. Her career at Ujima Recovery Service spanned a total of three decades. On January 25, 1942, Christine Hillyard was brought into the world by her parents, Georgia Cole and Kenneth Hillyard, who resided in San Bruno, California at the time. When Christine passes away, she will be reunited in heaven with her children Kendra, Kenneth, Elaine, and Douglas. This will happen as soon as possible after Christine’s passing. Her children are the ones who will carry on her legacy; she has one daughter named Tamara and three sons named Tyler, Scott, and Larry.

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