Chris Hodges Obituary, Longtime Director of Admissions at Curtis Has Passed Away – Death

Chris Hodges Obituary, Longtime Director of Admissions at Curtis Has Passed Away - Death

Chris Hodges Death, Obituary – Chris Hodges, who had worked at the school for a considerable amount of time and held the position of director of admissions, passed away on February 12 at the age of 66. The Curtis Institute of Music is unable to contain their sorrow as they break the news to the community about his loss. Since joining the Curtis faculty in 1995, Mr. Hodges has been an essential component of the academic community throughout the past quarter of a century.

When he first started working at the school in the middle of the nineties, he wasted no time in establishing his authority over the admissions office and making it his own. Each year, he delivered a warm welcome to a large number of prospective students at Curtis as well as their families, led tours of the campus that were both instructive and memorable, and provided help to our staff members during the process of auditioning prospective children.

He was always seen moving between the buildings on the campus to ensure that everyone was made to feel welcome and that they were given the best opportunity to be successful. Mr. Hodges, who is well-known among his coworkers for being upbeat, humorous, and always generous, was always the first to give his assistance or a shoulder to lean on when anyone needed it.

Above all things, what will stick out most clearly in our memories is how truly concerned he was about Curtis’s students. From the time they were potential students to the time they graduated and beyond, he was there for them and cheered them on throughout their entire journey. He supported them and encouraged them the entire time. Chris had a profound love for Curtis as well as for our community as a whole. And he was loved by us in the same measure as we loved him.

Our sincerest condolences go out to his mother Barbara, his brothers Bruce and John, his sister Susan, and all of his other close friends, family members, and employees who knew and cared about him. Everyone will grieve his passing in their own unique ways.

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