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Charles Kemie Obituary

Charles Kemie Death, Obituary – Gordon McKemie passed away peacefully on January 19, 2023, when he and his family were on vacation in Key West, Florida. The occasion was Gordon McKemie’s 50th birthday celebration. Because of his kind and sensitive attitude, he will continue to be a blessing to his children and grandkids, as well as to his extended family and the many friends he has all over the world. Not only in terms of his intelligence, but also his physical stature, he is a giant.

The couple Dr. William Frank McKemie and Betty Bonser McKemie welcomed their fourth child into the world with the birth of Gordon Frank McKemie. In the year 1954, he was born in the city of Albany, Georgia. He began what would become a lifetime interest in reading while he was a student at Albany High School, where he also participated in varsity basketball and was an avid reader.

In 1976, Gordon enrolled at Emory University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree with concentrations in History, English, Linguistics, and Philosophy. He ultimately graduated with this degree. Following the completion of his studies leading up to the awarding of his diploma, he devoted the subsequent two years to conducting field research on rural dialects as part of the Linguistic Atlas of the Gulf States (LAGS) project.

Gordon’s natural ability to connect with others, which he refined during his time working on the LAGS project, was ultimately the impetus for him to pursue a career in the field of technology sales at some point in the future. Triad Systems, a Menlo Park, California-based early technology start-up was where he got his first job after graduating from college.

He received outstanding training from Triad Systems, and the company also gave him the opportunity to reside in San Francisco, Memphis, Atlanta, Nashville, and eventually Louisville. It was in Louisville that he first met the woman who would later become his wife. She had previously been known as Evy Abell. They did an excellent job of raising three amazing children: Gordon Jr., Sarah, and Maggie. Their upbringing was a joint effort on their part.

Over the course of more than 45 years, Gordon worked for a number of different companies, including Diebold, AT&T Paradyne, and Dell Compellent, where he was in charge of the architecture design of large computer systems and the business contingency planning. His responsibilities included designing large-scale computer systems.

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